Calming Dogs Naturally began when Sandy Rakowitz started sharing Tellington TTouch with a few neighbors in her living room back in the late 1980’s.

For more than two decades Sandy has been learning and teaching Tellington TTouch, Energy Healing Science, Animal Communication, Essential Oils and Flower Essences.  During this time she has gained tremendous in depth experiences working with thousands of animals and people.

She has creatively been integrating these methods and theories together while teaching across the country in lecture and workshops.  Now, Sandy is taking her teaching into a new frontier with the series of 4 Quick Reference Guides for Calming Dogs Naturally.

Since 1989, Sandy has studied and trained extensively with Tellington TTouch.  She is a certified TTouch guild practitioner working with Horses, Companion Animals and People.  TTouch is a specialized approach for the care and training of animals.  The work is also successfully applied with profound results for people as well as domestic, wildlife rehabilitation and with zoo animals.

Used around the globe, this unique method is based on cooperation and respect.  Tellington TTouch offers a positive approach to training, performance and health. Before learning TTouch, Sandy delved into learning and using Flower Essences for herself and her animals.  Since then, she has gained tremendous experience in working with dogs, cats, horses and people from around the world.

In 1997, sandy began using therapeutic grade essential oils with people and animals.  Ever curious as to their uses across species, she is constantly amazed by their benefits for balancing, calming and enhancing the quality of life.  These wonders come from nature and and have been found to be profoundly supportive. 

Over the years Sandy has had several dogs of her own who have had varying degrees of Thunderstorm and other types of anxieties and reactivity from mild to extreme.  She has developed Calm Dogs Naturally and the Quick Learning Guides in their honor and so that all anxious dogs around the world may have their fears eased and confidence grow. 


Calm Dogs Naturally is a division of One Heart Healing Center, LLC.  Need in depth help? 

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